Account Setup

For first time hires we require our customers to set up a Mutiny Media account. Once you submit a hire enquiry through our website, you will be sent a quote breakdown together with our account setup information.

Equipment Hire Quote

●   Dates of hire
●   Name of equipment and/or crew
●   Subtotal (£) (amount specified on our website exc. VAT)
●   VAT (£) (20%)
●   Deposit (our standard deposit requirement is £250 in cash, which is refunded in the same form it was received upon return of equipment in good working condition)
●   Total (£)

After we receive your confirmation to proceed with the quoted order, we will send you an invoice to this effect, which will include our payment information. We accept online bank transfer or you can pay by card on collection.

Documents required to open an Account with Mutiny Media:

1.   Mutiny Media Account Form signed and scanned or photographed and returned to us. If someone else is collecting the equipment on your behalf, please notify us in writing. The collector will then need to bring photo ID.
2.   Two scanned/photographed copies of photo ID. Both originals must be brought in when the kit is collected and the passport must remain at Mutiny Media during the period of hire.
3.   Two scanned/photographed proofs of address (less than 3 months old). Please ensure this address matches the one on the driving license. The originals must be brought in when the equipment is collected.
4.   Scanned/photographed copy of your insurance which would cover the items hired. If you do not have your own insurance, short term rental insurance can be purchased from a number of companies. We personally recommend Performance as they offer excellent value and can provide a quick quote online. Please be aware that your insurance needs to be valid from the moment you take the equipment from the Mutiny Media office until you return it to us and that it must cover the total current cost value of the items you are hiring (£). Please make sure to choose Mutiny Media UK in the dropdown box when purchasing the insurance.
5.   Two verified trade referees for us to collect references from before the hire using the Mutiny Media Account Form.

Terms & Conditions

Our full Terms and Conditions document can be downloaded here. The salient points are outlined below:

●   Kit hires with a total value of less than £250 do not require insurance – your deposit will cover cost of repair / replacement.
●   Original ID must remain with Mutiny Media during the first hire period.
●   Full payment for your hire (and deposit of £250) must be paid prior to the hire.
●   All new customers will be subject to a credit check by a credit agency.
●   No equipment will be released until the above terms and conditions are met.
●   The hired equipment is the responsibility of the hirer and any loss or damage must be paid for in full.
●   Mutiny Media reserves the right to withhold part or all of the deposit up to the value of the equipment or damage caused (whichever is less).
●   Late return of the equipment is chargeable. Please contact mutiny media (0207 2876690) should you wish to extend the hire agreement beyond the agreed hire-period end date.
●   The hire arrangement will only cease when the equipment has been returned in full.
●   Damage must be reported immediately.
●   We take no responsibility for loss or inconvenience caused by faults encountered during the hire period.

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