Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality Production (XR)

We develop new VR, AR & MR (XR) applications for music, the built environment, training, educational, & entertainment purposes.

Developing in Unity and Unreal for Oculus, HTC Vive, Microsoft and Gear VR platforms we are really interested in working with you and pushing the medium further.

Get in touch and let's discuss the fantastic possibilities of immersive and interactive content.

Ambisonic & Binaural Sound

Audio is one of the key factors in creating the feeling of full immersion and helps guide users as they navigate virtual worlds.

We offer spatial sound design for VR, AR and mixed reality production recording, additional dialogue, foley, special effects and outputting. We also offer audio restoration and repair.

We develop on all major platforms, with an emphasis on creative and technical innovation.

360 Video Production

We are specialists in 360 video production, we have created multiple projects for some of the world’s biggest brands.

We offer video production, filming and post production services on creative immersive projects and can produce and facilitate all your requirements for visuals and sound.

Post Production

Post-production is when you make sure your footage looks perfect by refining the image and fine-tuning the edit.

We offer 360 stitching, CGI, colour and image correction, audio mixing and editing app creation, and more.

We have an extensive network of editors, developers and sound engineers across the industry, We are able to offer versatile solutions for 360/VR and traditional post production.

Virtual Walkthroughs

We have a range of different options to produced stunning virtual walkthrough’s.

We also offer the ability to tag virtual spaces and objects in the walkthrough with text, links, images and embeddable media such as videos that can play in the walkthrough. With every 3D virtual tour, you can switch on VR mode and enjoy complete immersion in a headset or view on a tablet or mobile in magic window mode.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping can utilise any surface, with 2D video, immersive 360 projection to complex 3D surface mapping which integrates the character of the physical environment into the digital composition.

We can provide technical consultancy with the set up through to equipment hire, installation and content creation.

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